Tehachapi Landscaping

Have you been dreaming of a beautifully landscaped yard, but have no idea how to achieve it?

Do your dreams include a landscape that is beautiful but low maintenance? Low water but not boring and sterile? Do critters keep eating the things you do plants?

Then maybe it is time to get some help!

How do we, at Old Towne Nursery, help you realize your goals?

As a team of landscape professionals we can help you achieve your goals for your landscape by providing you with expert planning, advice and a time line, or sequence, for implementing the design.

Here are a few of our past landscaping projects – Before & After: Each photo represents an individual project and will display a gallery with multiple photos.

A Backyard Made to be Enjoyed Chase Place Brick & Stone
Jennifer's Terrace Peaceful Scenic Backyard Front Yard Walkway
Landscaping & Stonework that Compliments... Landscaping Designs Front Yard Makeover
Stallion Springs, Ca

Creating a beautiful and functional landscape can be a substantial investment in both time and money. For the inexperienced it can also be a source of frustration when the desired results are not achieved after the investment is made. A successful garden design is dependent on selecting the right plants for their location, the health of the soil, proper irrigation, and attention to the natural features, like wind and slopes, that create micro-climates. Not paying attention to these details, all too often, results in higher maintenance, more pest and disease problems, and plant failure.

For the last several years we have partnered with Anna Smith, a local landscape designer who is also a master gardener. Having lived in Tehachapi for fifteen years, and worked at Mourning Cloak Ranch and Botanical Garden for four years she has a good grasp on which plants do well here. This knowledge blends with the ability to create attractive, functional outdoor spaces for homeowners and businesses which are tailored to the needs of each customer.

Curious about the landscape design process? Anna Smith describes how the process flows, from start to finish in this article on landscape design.

Give us a call today at 661-822-6767 and let us help you design your dream landscape or visit Terre Verte Landscape Designs by Anna Smith

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