1. May Gardening Tips

Trees with black leaves from a recent frost? Don’t worry trees can leaf out 3x in one season. They’ll look ugly for awhile but they’ll leaf out again. The trick is to not over water them while they’re trying to leaf out and catch back up...

2. Toothpick Test

Toothpick Test So, just like you test the ‘done-ness’ or, for our purposes, the wet-ness of the inside of a baking muffin by sticking a toothpick into the center  and seeing how wet or dry it comes out thus determining how...

3. Caring for Herbaceous Per...

By Anna Smith Now is the time to start tidying up the garden beds and preparing for the garden for a beautiful display of color. Herbaceous perennials are the non-woody work horses of the garden, giving us color and beauty year after year...

4. We Mean Full Service

Gardening and landscaping in Tehachapi is not an easy task. The native soil in some areas is less than desirable, rodents love to nibble on tender fresh roots and the deer and elk are known to remove a branch or two from trees. While all...

5. Customer Gallery

We don’t just grow, sell & deliver plants. If you’re looking to make a vacation destination out of your own backyard, the staff at Old Towne Nursery know just what to do. Take a peek at a few of our favorite before &...

Lots of beautiful choices for Mother’s Day

Lots of beautiful choices for Mother’s Day
We have already brought in lots of different sizes, shapes, colors and prices of very pretty color bowls, baskets and a-la-carte flowers. Remember these flowers, with a little TLC will keep looking...

House and Garden Nutrients

House and Garden Nutrients
  If you are serious about your indoor gardening and hydroponics then you’re serious about your nutrients. Some of the best nutrients you can get are from House and Garden. The best place...

Dec 2012 Firewood Status and Prices

Dec 2012 Firewood Status and Prices
Breaking News ——— We got another Load of Almond, 28 shrunk wrapped 1/2 cord pallets Quick and Dirty: Oak and Almond $380/cd delivered and $210/half cord delivered, prices go down...
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Lots of beautiful choices for Mother’s Day
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